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This section (ever updating as well as our trips across the Channel) is dedicated to images, which as usual are better than words to explain concepts, emotions, the lived moments.

Here you can find "our" Ireland, visible signs and "on the road" comments directly from the end of the world ... and not only ...




It was the summer of '97 when Nick O'Lean, following the tracks of John O'Iannaghan few years before, set out on a pionerist trip beyond The Channel on the Green Isle, to those places told and sang in many tales and songs heard so far. This is a small photo-reportage of it, what came later is for you to see ;) ... (photos by Nick O'Lean)

Four brave wandering knights joined together under the same signet and left to discover the Green Island called Ireland. It was the summer of 2000, when all began ... (photos by Nick O'lean and Andy Fab'Bruce)

Only few months passed when "our" Fellows already took again the way to the north. Their first authentic irish SAINT PATRICK'S DAY were witing for them! It was the year of "foot and mouth desease" and the Parade and all the official celebrations were put off, but obviously the pubs did not close and Dublin and its people welcomed  Fab'Bruce, O'Berty, O'Lean e McAdaer with wide open arms ;)   (photos by Nick O'Lean)

Delle Alpi Stadium, Turin. WE WERE THERE! Here in few but significant pictures is the report of a VERY SPECIAL day, in which the Irishknights pay a tribute to the great U2.   IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY !!!

In an unforgivable night, made by IRELAND and then IRELAND, and GUINNESS obviously, that NO-ONE DIED BECAUSE OF GUINNESS !!! And then WHISKEY and WISHKEY again and IRELAND ... (directly from Fairy Kiri's website, in italian

One year later, four kind ladies left for the same paths of the knights. They came back full of the magic of the fairies, bringing back with them some images of those marvellous places ... (photos by Fairy RoSe)

CLICK TO ENLARGEThey left full of hopes on a hot summer day on the wings of the fond tales of their predecessors and travelled for km and km down the roads on board of their fourwheels on the chasing notes of "Il cielo d'Irlanda" ("The sky of Ireland", popular italian song).

We had no visual documents of their Tour, until one day we got this picture that caught our heroes in a pub of Tralee. The legend goes that out of 12 days 10 were neverending raining...what you think, may that be true?  (photo by Anonimous)

After the first experience of the year before, the fellows, Fairy Kiri, O'Berty, McAnnon e O'Lean, set sail again in March 2002 for the Saint Patrick's Day. The mini-tour touches Bunratty and Galway first, then reaching the peak with the great celebration in Dublin, this time comprehensive of all the official performances (photos by Nick O'Lean)

Here is the photographic report of the first McArbonara in the McHouse!

The chamaleontic McHouse still "in the cradle" hosts the Knights at last, who notoriously need a little to celebrate: Guinness, U2, Pasta, Wine, FIFA2002 (!?) ... (photos by McAnnon)

01/11/04 Between the "friendly" walls of the James Joyce Pub managed by Ivan, here we celebrate both the birthdays of Fab'Bruce and our friend Ale "Gundam" Bellini. The Fellows obviously don't miss the chance to let it flows rivers of beer and to arrange passionate table-soccer matches. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAB'BRUCE!!! (photos by Nick O'Lean, Mark McAnnon and everyone who managed with the digital camera)

U2 - MILANO 20/07/05

CLICCA PER ANDARE ALLA PAGINAThe maximum representatives of Irish music in the world are back to Italy. We do not miss tha chance, of course, and answer "Here we are!". Like four years before, we go to pay our tribute in the "Scala" of soccer, for one evening granted to the aces of 7 notes. WELCOME BACK U2!