May friendship, like wine, improve as time advances.
And may we always have old wine, old friends, and young cares



Paul "Mo Thòin"


Gorgeous Paul, McAdaer’s travel-mate in their 2001 Irish Tour.  A 12-day journey (10 of never-ending rain) when he was the outstanding hero of more or less “fantastic” stories, told of even today.




"Gillo" Lawrence


O’Lean and McAnnon ran into him across the Danish land in the summer 1998. Then came two oblivious years and then, by magic chance, Ireland gave him back for good to his knights two summers later, in the midst of the Galway Quay Street folks. Since then on their paths have never been split up.




Mobo "The Master"


He, too, on the Emerald Island for fun-learning reasons came out to be a man for all seasons. In Ireland he has found his natural home—in fact up there seasons are all the same :)





John O'Iannaghan


The so-called “Teacher”, he is the intellectual of the lot (though his photos wouldn’t seem  to prove that) and precious ambassador among the knights of Joyce, Beckett, Shaw, Swift, Yeats and Wilde.

Altogether, the very first of all, a few years ago, to cross the English Channel and set foot on the Irish land…the the situation slipped off his hands ;)




Gary (Gearóid)


From Cavan County with rage! The only Irish one of the lot by birth…and if you have some doubts, well try and buy him a beer without being offered at least three by him! Out of courtesy he will have three pints with you and then will start drinking seriously! ;)





Amy June


A living witness of St Patrick’s greatness (along with some Guinness), the most beautiful shamrock ever bloomed in the garden of the Irish Knights. Well, if you put Irish and Italian folks together… :)






Pisto & Francesca


A friendship born on the dusty sofas of a Dublin hostel, bound by Guinness pints in Temple Bar pubs and carried on in the cellars of Vicenza hills. Need to add more?







An abstemious heroin of 2001 Fairies Tour, she was able to accomplish the mission of not drinking even a pint of beer in her journey across Ireland: could you believe it?





Tata McAnnon


Faithful companion of McAnnon she shares him, since ages, between exclusive inroads with the Knights and romantic exotic holidays. McAnnon considers her his own personal travel agency. With her strong Anglo Saxon taste she run into  (and immediately fell) the thick net of toasts spinned in the years by McAnnon to the last to be transformed into the marvellous Irish TATA, with all the honours. Side by side to McAnnon, not satysfied of this she proves to be one of the major fans of the Green Island that the Po valley remeber and bella lì... :-)




The Lipsticks'


In real facts Beppe and Paola! Well, what can we say….let’s say that even on the homelier road Mantova-Brescia people get on fine with that!

Two great friends, as is great the genuine “Irish” spirit they embody and have inside. UP WITH FOLK LIZARDS! CHEERS UP! ;)





Cipo! So called “Cippettino” by his friends, that is a great friend of ours. He’s also a well known film expert (and other things). We are proud to have the honour of his cooperation to our website, issuing a specific section on Irish film, Poitìn, with his usual competence, frankness and appropriateness, which you can clearly see browsing his own personal website, “Dillinger è morto”, about cinema at 360°